Laboratory for Experimental Soft Matter Physics @ FMF

Our laboratory is dedicated to the study of the physical properties of soft matter materials, such as liquids, polymers, gels, liquid crystals, and biological materials. We use a variety of experimental techniques to understand the behavior and properties of these materials, and to explore their potential applications in a wide range of fields.

We conduct fundamental research to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying principles that govern the behavior of soft matter materials. Our research has also many practical applications, including the development of novel scientific instruments and new materials for use in medical devices and consumer goods.

Our team of researchers includes faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate students, who work together to push the boundaries of knowledge in this exciting field. We collaborate with a wide range of partners, including academic institutions and industry to address some of the most challenging and important questions in soft matter physics.

We invite you to learn more about our research, our team, and the opportunities available at our Laboratory. The lab is located on the ground floor of the Department of Mathematics (Jadranska 21), rooms P16 and P17. You are invited for a visit anytime. (If it is locked, come to the office P12.) If you are the more shy type, contact